Experience lean warehousing hands-on

The Model Warehouse offers a full-scale experiential learning environment

Experiential learning

Using the concept of "learning by doing" the Model Warehouse offers an experiential learning environment in which participants can apply lean warehousing theory in practice. This "hands-on" application process is far superior to other forms of learning, since participants retain knowledge for a longer time and learn how to implement the findings at their own sites. Key components of this Model Warehouse environment are:

  • A fictional corporate identity of an automotive spare parts company, with background information and simulated data
  • Real warehouse equipment to be used by participants to pick and pack automotive spare parts
  • Detailed training materials linking hands-on experience to the theory of lean warehousing
  • Customized templates to track performance in the experiential learning session and support root cause analysis




The struggling Mr. Spare Logistics Inc. needs you!

Actual pick and pack with real equipment