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The Model Warehouse is located in Karlsruhe, only 1 hour from Frankfurt Airport

From lean warehousing to full-scale transformation support - everything is possible

Customized trainings for different audiences and purposes are offered at the Model Warehouse. The scope ranges from creating awareness of lean warehousing among senior executives up to in depth training of change agents for a large-scale warehouse transformation program. Dedicated training supports buyers of logistics services in their procurement process and negotiations. Typically, trainings are 1 to 2 days and in group sizes of 5 to 15 participants. The setup of participants and timeframe can be adjusted to the specific needs of any company.


The Model Warehouse is mobile and can be taken anywhere

The Model Warehouse is based in Karlsruhe, Germany, just 1 hour south of Frankfurt Airport. A subsidiary of the Model Warehouse exists at the McKinsey Capability Center in Atlanta, United States. The equipment used in the Model Warehouse is mobile and therefore, can be shipped to any other worldwide McKinsey Capability Center or any company to support local training. In 2014, the mobile Model Warehouse was already run in San Francisco, Cambridge, Zurich, and Berlin.



Located in Karlsruhe

Equipment can be shipped